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Release of New Generation 
CVM Instance SA5

The new generation of CVM SA5 has been released, offering high inclusiveness, excellent cost performance, and immediate request response

Release of New Generation 
CVM Instance SA5

The new generation of SA5 has been released

Improved Cost and Overall Performance

Cost performance improved by 30%
The instance provides higher computing efficiency and doubled core density,
The cost performance of the instance is improved by more than 30% compared to the general computing solutions in the industry.
Overall performance improved by 120%
Equipped with the fourth generation AMD EPYC™️ Bergamo processor, the computing performance of the instance is greatly improved.  Compared with the SA3 instance, the overall performance is improved by more than 120%.

Upgraded Computing Performance

Computing improved by 120%

Compared with the SA3 , the computing capability of SA5 is improved by more than 120%.

Network bandwidth up to 200 Gbps

Based on self-developed DPU, SA5 supports the 2*100G network architecture and offers network throughput of up to 45 million pps with low latency of 5 us.

Single instance offering 512 vCPUs

Supports a wide range of CPU/RAM ratios, including 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4.

New breakthrough in storage

Provides performance of up to 1,000,000 IOPS, with a storage latency of 40 us, working well in IO-intensive business scenarios.

Virtualization with zero loss

Based on the leading self-developed virtualization platform in the industry, the instance performance stability reaches 99.999%.

Comprehensive security guard

Supports high-security services such as key management, anti-tampering, trust chain, and data encryption.

Covering All Cloud Scenarios

AI matrix

It improves deep learning performance

Live stream

Ensures ultra-low latency experience


Double core is more suitable for containers

Cloud native

The Zen4c processor is adapted to more scenarios

Advanced Technology Guaranteeing High Quality

  • Star Lake server by Tencent Cloud

    The Star Lake server developed by Tencent Cloud, launches the fourth generation of self-developed CVM, which provides excellent throughput, ultra-high density and energy efficiency
  • Distributed cloud operating system Orca

    Based on the first distributed cloud operating system in the industry with full-domain governance, which provides highly standardized computing power, offering end-to-end efficient service capabilities