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CONSTELLATION, is one of the largest global Web3 hackathon, hosted by Chainlink.

Tencent Cloud is the exclusive cloud partner of the hackathon event, offering up to a total of USD 250,000 worth of Tencent Cloud credits to hackers and winners of the event.

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Tencent Cloud Sponsorship and Prizes

    Winning Projects Judging Criteria

    20 winning projects will be selected by Tencent Cloud judges based on the following criteria:

    1. Project Value, Innovativeness, and Quality

    Priority will be given to solutions that offer innovative approaches to address the shortcomings of the web3 ecosystem. Evaluation will also consider factors such as user experience, UI design, and the overall code quality of the project.

    2. Project Sustainability

    Projects with long-term development plans will be appreciated. The winning team will receive cloud credits that can support their project at various stages, starting from ideation, MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and through to expansion.

    3. Tencent Cloud Product Usage

    The extent of usage of Tencent Cloud products will be taken into consideration when selecting the winning teams. Each Hacker will be provided with USD 100 cloud credits for the hackathon, and they are encouraged to explore and utilize a wide range of Tencent Cloud products.

    Cloud Credits for Hackathon Usage

    1. Each Hacker will be provided with USD 100 cloud credits for the hackathon, for up to 500 hackers.

    2. To be eligible for claiming the free cloud credits, you will need to sign up for a Tencent Cloud account and complete the account registration process.

    3. Please ensure that the email used for Tencent Cloud registration matches the email used for hackathon registration.

    4. Throughout the hackathon journey, we will provide a dedicated channel on Telegram to address any inquiries you may have and to support you along the way.

    5. Based on the actual credit claiming situation, we provide the flexibility for teams to claim extra credits upon request.

    Start Your Tencent Cloud Journey Now
    Claim Your USD 100 Tencent Cloud Credits

    Please fill in the Tencent Cloud account email address to claim cloud credits for hackathon usage.

    * The Tencent Cloud account email needs to be the same as the email used for hackathon registration.

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