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Application form
Please complete the identity verification before fill out the application form.
Success Stories
EventsWallet is an innovative SaaS-platform for offline, online and hybrid events.
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GRWTH is an intelligent home-school communication and student portfolio system, that provides various tools for the education community to record students' learning progress and achievements through APP.
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Price.com.hk provides price comparison services for consumers and help merchants increase exposure, improve turnover, and build up goodwill and reputation.
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Yinxiang Biji
Yinxiang Biji China is a cross-platform note-taking application in Mainland China.It helps people organize their lives, enabling them to focus on the important matters.
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More Offers
Free Tier
All users can try out a multitude of products and services for free.
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Media and Chat Services Campaign
The promotion offers free trials and up to 77% off on CSS, VOD, and more, with vouchers up to $150.
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