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Customer Introduction

Dek-D Interactive Co., Ltd., is a media company that manages the Dek-D.com website which is the number one educational media outlet, established more than 22 years ago. Today, Dek-D have more than 5 million visitors monthly and reach more than 15 million people through social media monthly.

Dek-D Interactive's operates through three distinct business segments. The first part is the media-related business. The second part focuses on educational services business. In which Dek-D serve as the organizer of the Dek-D TCAS Fair, providing an online tutoring system called Dek-D School, as well as the latest business, CoachDD, which is an online consulting service. The third part of business is an online fiction platform with over 2 million novels in its system.

Challenges & Goals

With a decade of experience managing the Dek-D TCAS Fair, the company has noticed that the senior consultation service is one of the most highly demanded-activities at the event's booths. Meanwhile, due to extended waiting queues, students are only given a limited amount of time to get advice from consultants. Additionally, Dek-D also hold only two of these fairs each year.

However, as the Thai people have grown increasingly accustomed to using online meeting technologies after Thailand went through the COVID-19 situation. The Company believe that internet or video calling technology can help alleviate this problem. Students can now obtain guidance and assistance from school seniors immediately without having to waste time commuting or queuing to attend the event.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud has many advantages over other world-class service providers. We chose Tencent Cloud as a partner to deliver a cloud system for three reasons as following: First, Tencent Cloud offers outstanding technology and experience in offering world-class services including a wide range of tools that can be used completely, allowing us to develop the system swiftly. Second, Tencent Cloud has Thai-based data centres, which help to minimize the risk of international internet gateway failures. Third, Tencent Cloud has an office in Thailand and a Thai team of support engineers. Allowing the team to develop the system quickly as well as, provide consultation and suggestions for system maintenance.

Highlighted Benefits

Tencent Real-Time Communication, or TRTC, will facilitate video calls between coaches and students, and once the video call is completed, we will connect to Video On Demand (VOD) to store the session's log file. We can configure the video on demand feature to retain the video file for a duration of 30 days. This enables the team to monitor the usage quality and track problematic use, while ensuring that stored files are automatically removed after 30 days. This allows us to secure our users' privacy as well. Utilizing Tencent Cloud services and solutions enables us to quickly construct systems yet delivering an excellent user experience.

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