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Customer Introduction

Headquartered in Singapore, Atlas is a global blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service group that drives the evolution of Web3 – the next phase of the internet. The company offers a broad range of value-added services including distributed high-performance computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware, API support and storage for the Web3 ecosystem.

Atlas is committed to be a global leading next-generation Web3 infrastructure provider that advocates sustainable growth, green energy adoption, power usage efficiency and stability to drive the Web3 evolution.

Atlas plans to globally expand its UDC business in Asia, North America, and Europe, focusing on service scenarios such as Blockchain infrastructure, high-performance computing, and AI computing.

Challenges & Goals

Atlas aims to create a better Web3 world and has already started with operations in Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. As it plans to expand to more areas around the globe and get entirely ready for the full realization of Web3, Atlas need a reliable cloud partner with a global presence to support its expansion.

Why Tencent Cloud

The customer decided to adopt Tencent Cloud for its comprehensive IaaS products, which can be perfect coverage of Atlas’ global business request. Tencent Cloud offered a competitive pricing model, and help Atlas improve cost efficiency.

Tencent Cloud also provided 7/24 technical support during PoC and migration, and help Atlas's tech team to learn Tencent Cloud within a short time.

Highlighted Benefits

Tencent Cloud provides Atlas with secure and flexible computing capabilities that can be used in their journey towards the Web3 era, including high stability and reliability, easy account management, and comprehensive protection, in addition to cost reduction and service integration.

With Tencent Cloud’s Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM), one of Tencent Cloud’s cost-effective and high-quality products, Atlas will access stable, secure, resilient, and high-performance cloud computing services covering 26 regions and 70 availability zones around the world.

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