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Creating a CCN Instance

Last updated: 2022-05-20 09:53:05

    CCN connects a VPC with another or with IDCs. This document describes how to create a CCN.


    1. Log in to the CCN Console.
    2. Click +Create at the top of the CCN page.
    3. Complete the following configurations in the Create a CCN instance pop-up window.
      Field Subfield Description
      Name - Name of the CCN instance
      Billing Mode Pay-as-you-go by monthly 95 percentile Bill the actual bandwidth usage of the current month on 95th percentile basis. It's applicable to business with fluctuating bandwidth demands.
      Service Level Platinum It’s ideal for key businesses that require extremely high communication quality, such as payment.
      Gold It’s suitable for businesses that require high communication quality, such as game acceleration.
      Silver It’s suitable for cost-sensitive jitter-insensitive businesses, such as data backup.
      Bandwidth Limit Mode Inter-region Bandwidth Cap The inbound and outbound bandwidth cap between two regions
      Associated Instances - The options include VPC, Direct Connect Gateway, BM Virtual Private Cloud, and VPN Gateway. If there is no available instance, you can directly create a CCN instance and associate a network instance later. You can optionally enter the description for the CCN instance.
    4. Click OK.

    Subsequent Operations

    After creating a CCN instance, you need to associate network instances with it, check its route table, and configure the bandwidth to enable interconnection.

    • For more information on how to associate network instances, see Associating Network Instances.
    • For more information on how to check whether the routing policies of each subnet in the VPC associated with the CCN take effect, see Viewing Routing Information.
    • For pay-as-you-go CCN instances billed by monthly 95th percentile, you can configure a cross-region bandwidth cap as needed to control the bandwidth cost. For detailed directions, see Configuring Bandwidth.
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