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Last updated: 2020-05-09 14:06:55

    Top CAs

    Issued by top international CAs, SSL certificates are safe and secure.
    Certificate authorities (CAs) are network agencies that manage and issue secure credentials and encryption information keys. They are responsible for verifying the validity of public keys in the public key system and the identities of users and enterprises. Because the authority and fairness of CAs are crucial, Tencent Cloud only collaborates with top authoritative CAs to provide safe and secure SSL certificates.

    Encrypted data transfer

    Encryption secures the data transfer between the browsers/Apps and servers.
    Encrypted App and webpage communication via HTTPS can prevent data from being stolen and tampered in the course of transmission and guarantee data integrity, prevent traffic hijacking and advertisement insertion by ISPs, and effectively resist man-in-the-middle attacks, greatly improving the security.

    100% Compatible

    DigiCert root certificate supports all browsers and mobile devices.
    Compatibility determines whether web page security will properly prompts when users access sites via browsers. Supporting all current major browsers and mobile devices, DigiCert root certificates rank top in browser compatibility.

    Improving Search Rankings

    HTTPS can help improve search rankings and sites credibility.
    Google adjusted the search engine algorithm in 2014. According to the platform, "HTTPS-encrypted websites rank higher in search results than HTTP sites." Search engine vendors in Mainland China are also stepping up their focus on HTTPS to fuel SEO optimization.

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