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What Should I Do After Submitting the Order for Review for a Purchased Certificate?

Last updated: 2022-04-06 14:49:00

    What should I do after submitting the order for the review of a purchased certificate?

    After purchasing an SSL certificate, you need to apply for the certificate and submit the application information for review. After the information passes review, you can use the certificate and deploy it for your Tencent Cloud service resources.

    For a paid certificate, after you submit the certificate order for review, the CA will contact you to confirm certificate information. Make sure that you can be reached by phone and check your email in time to avoid missing the confirmation notice sent by the CA during the review (the phone and email here refer to those you specify when submitting the certificate order for review).

    After submitting a certificate order for review, log in to the SSL Certificate Service console to check the review status and subsequent processes in the certificate list. After a certificate order is submitted for review, it can be in either of the following states:

    • Pending verification: if your certificate order is in this state, click Details to view the domain name verification mode and complete verification. After the certificate status changes to Issued, the certificate is available for use.

    • Failed to pass review: if your certificate order is in this state, click Details to check the cause of review failure, modify the certificate information accordingly, and submit the modified information for review.

    How long does it take for different certificate types to be issued?

    • OV and EV certificates: it takes 3-5 business days to issue an OV certificate and 5-7 business days to issue an EV certificate.
    • DV or free certificates: it takes between 10 minutes and 24 hours to issue a DV certificate.

    Free certificates will be issued in several hours or 1 calendar day after application, depending on the time required by the review processes of different CAs.

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