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Last updated: 2019-10-23 16:34:23

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    What does the corporate security score mean?

    Security score is a scoring system based on the comprehensive assessment of your current security risk profile (including vulnerabilities, trojans, brute force attacks and much more), which objectively reflects the current security level of your business.

    How is the Internet-wide security score calculated?

    The Internet-wide security score is calculated based on the comprehensive evaluation of Tencent's big security data and the security index provided by China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team, which reflects the current security situation of the entire Internet.

    How does SOC's visual representation alert to risk events?

    In the SOC Overview screen, the system responds to the detected risk events in real time and visually presents them to you (for example, the data center in Beijing has been under brute force attacks for 1 minute...).

    What impact does the brute force attack event seen on the SOC Overview page have on the security of my business?

    A brute force attack event does not mean that the server is successfully cracked by hackers. Instead, a hacker is launching a brute force attack on the server which is successfully detected by Tencent Cloud security system.

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    How is SOC charged?

    SOC is currently during free internal trial and can be activated free of charge by clicking Get Started.

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    Why is there no data in the WAF section of SOC?

    Please confirm that WAF has been activated; otherwise, no data will be displayed.

    After activating the DDoS protection function, why is there no data on the DDoS attack page?

    This page is used to display information about real security situation. Only when there are actual DDoS attacks will attack data be displayed here.

    Why are there no data in many modules in the console?

    • Please confirm that the corresponding data source modules have been activated in Service Management.
    • SOC is based on Tencent's big security data to provide information about the real security situation, so only when there are security threats will corresponding risk alarms be generated.
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