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Fetching Bucket List of COS

Last updated: 2021-06-08 16:10:49

    SDK Description

    ListCosBuckets is used to fetch the bucket list of COS.

    Request Parameters

    For more information, see Common Request Parameters.

    Response Parameters

    Parameter Name Type Description
    cosBucketsList Array COS bucket list

    The parameter cosBucketsList is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Type Description
    name String COS bucket name
    region String The region of the bucket
    appId String Account APPID or project APPID
    ## Example
    ### Request example
    $config = array('SecretId'       => 'Your secretId',
                  'SecretKey'      => 'Your secretKey',
                  'RequestMethod'  => 'GET',
                  'DefaultRegion'  => 'gz');
    $ca = QcloudApi::load(QcloudApi::MODULE_CLOUDAUDIT, $config);
    $package = array();
    $a = $ca->ListCosBuckets($package);
    if ($a === false) {
      $error = $ca->getError();
      echo "Error code:" . $error->getCode() . ".\n";
      echo "message:" . $error->getMessage() . ".\n";
      echo "ext:" . var_export($error->getExt(), true) . ".\n";
    } else {
    echo "\nRequest :" . $ca->getLastRequest();
    echo "\nResponse :" . $ca->getLastResponse();
    echo "\n";

    Response example

      "cosBucketsList": [
              "name": "cloudaudit",
              "region": "ap-shanghai",
              "appId": "1254962721"
              "name": "cloudtrail",
              "region": "ap-shanghai",
              "appId": "1254962721"
              "name": "sundehuixxx",
              "region": "ap-shanghai",
              "appId": "1254962721"
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