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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:11

Tencent Cloud Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) is a PaaS product that achieves optimal global access latency. It uses high-speed connections, cluster forwarding, and intelligent routing among global nodes to allow users in different regions to access the closest nodes, so their request traffic can be forwarded to origin servers, reducing access lag and latency.

GAAP operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding origin server gaap AddRealServers
Binding listener to origin server gaap BindListenerRealServers
Binding forwarding rule to origin server gaap BindRuleRealServers
Disabling channel gaap CloseProxies
Disabling security policy gaap CloseSecurityPolicy
Creating HTTP listener gaap CreateHTTPListener
Creating HTTPS listener gaap CreateHTTPSListener
Creating channel gaap CreateProxy
Enabling the domain name of connection group gaap CreateProxyGroupDomain
Creating the forwarding rule for listener gaap CreateRule
Creating security policy gaap CreateSecurityPolicy
Adding security policy rule gaap CreateSecurityRules
Creating TCP listener gaap CreateTCPListeners
Creating UDP listener gaap CreateUDPListeners
Deleting forwarding rule of domain name gaap DeleteDomain
Deleting channel listener gaap DeleteListeners
Deleting connection group gaap DeleteProxyGroup
Deleting the forwarding rule for layer-7 listener gaap DeleteRule
Deleting security policy gaap DeleteSecurityPolicy
Deleting security policy rule gaap DeleteSecurityRules
Querying domain name list gaap DescribeGlobalDomains
Querying connection group and channel statistics gaap DescribeGroupAndStatisticsProxy
Getting the domain name configuration details of connection group gaap DescribeGroupDomainConfig
Querying HTTP listener information gaap DescribeHTTPListeners
Querying HTTPS listener information gaap DescribeHTTPSListeners
Querying listener information gaap DescribeL4Listeners
Querying the origin server list of listener gaap DescribeListenerRealServers
Querying listener statistics gaap DescribeListenerStatistics
Querying the instance list of channel gaap DescribeProxies
Querying channel status gaap DescribeProxiesStatus
Querying channel and listener statistics gaap DescribeProxyAndStatisticsListeners
Querying channel details gaap DescribeProxyDetail
Querying channel details gaap DescribeProxyGroupDetails
Pulling connection group list gaap DescribeProxyGroupList
Querying connection group statistics gaap DescribeProxyGroupStatistics
Querying channel statistics gaap DescribeProxyStatistics
Querying origin server list gaap DescribeRealServers
Querying the binding status of origin server gaap DescribeRealServersStatus
Querying the relevant origin server information of forwarding rule gaap DescribeRuleRealServers
Querying forwarding rule information gaap DescribeRules
Getting security policy details gaap DescribeSecurityPolicyDetail
Querying TCP listener list gaap DescribeTCPListeners
Querying UDP listener list gaap DescribeUDPListeners
Terminating channel gaap DestroyProxies
Updating domain name in the forwarding rule of listener gaap ModifyDomain
Modifying the domain name of connection group gaap ModifyGroupDomainConfig
Modifying HTTP listener configuration gaap ModifyHTTPListenerAttribute
Modifying HTTPS listener configuration gaap ModifyHTTPSListenerAttribute
Modifying channel attribute gaap ModifyProxiesAttribute
Modifying channel configuration gaap ModifyProxyConfiguration
Modifying connection group attribute gaap ModifyProxyGroupAttribute
Modifying origin server name gaap ModifyRealServerName
Modifying forwarding rule information gaap ModifyRuleAttribute
Modifying security policy rule gaap ModifySecurityRule
Modifying TCP listener configuration gaap ModifyTCPListenerAttribute
Modifying UDP listener configuration gaap ModifyUDPListenerAttribute
Enabling channel gaap OpenProxies
Enabling security policy gaap OpenSecurityPolicy
Deleting origin server gaap RemoveRealServers
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