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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:12

Tencent Cloud API Gateway is an API hosting service that enables full lifecycle management of APIs, including creation, maintenance, release, operation, deactivation, etc. It can be used to encapsulate your business and open up your data, business logic, and functionality in a secure and reliable manner for integration with your own systems and connections with partner businesses.

API Gateway operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Binding environment apigw BindEnvironment
Binding key apigw BindSecretIds
Binding sub-domain name apigw BindSubDomain
Creating API apigw CreateApi
Creating key apigw CreateApiKey
Creating service apigw CreateService
Creating usage plan apigw CreateUsagePlan
Deleting API apigw DeleteApi
Deleting key apigw DeleteApiKey
Deleting IP policy apigw DeleteIPStrategy
Deleting service apigw DeleteService
Deleting usage plan apigw DeleteUsagePlan
Downgrading usage plan apigw DemoteServiceUsagePlan
Getting API details apigw DescribeApi
Getting API environment policy apigw DescribeApiEnvironmentStrategy
Getting API key details apigw DescribeApiKey
Getting key list apigw DescribeApiKeysStatus
Querying API list apigw DescribeApisStatus
Getting API usage plan apigw DescribeApiUsagePlan
Getting service details apigw DescribeService
Getting the uploaded data of service environment key monitoring apigw DescribeServiceEnvironmentKeyMonitorUpload
Getting service environment list apigw DescribeServiceEnvironmentList
Creating service release version apigw DescribeServiceReleaseVersion
Querying service list apigw DescribeServicesStatus
Getting service sub-domain list apigw DescribeServiceSubDomains
Getting usage plan API key apigw DescribeUsagePlanSecretIds
Querying usage plant list apigw DescribeUsagePlansStatus
Disabling key apigw DisableApiKey
Enabling key apigw EnableApiKey
Generating API document apigw GenerateApiDocument
Modifying API apigw ModifyApi
Modifying IP policy apigw ModifyIPStrategy
Modifying service apigw ModifyService
Modifying the configuration of service environment monitoring data upload apigw ModifyServiceEnvironmentKeyMonitorUpload
Modifying service environment policy apigw ModifyServiceEnvironmentStrategy
Modifying sub-domain name apigw ModifySubDomain
Modifying usage plan apigw ModifyUsagePlan
Publishing service apigw ReleaseService
Debugging API apigw RunApi
Unbinding environment apigw UnBindEnvironment
Unbinding key apigw UnBindSecretIds
Unbinding sub-domain name apigw UnBindSubDomain
Deactivating environment apigw UnReleaseService
Updating API key apigw UpdateApiKey
Modifying service apigw UpdateService
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