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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:14

Tencent Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) is a security management solution that lets you to easily create and manage keys and protect their confidentiality, integrity, and availability, helping meet your key management and compliance needs in multi-application and multi-business scenarios.

KMS operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Decrypting with RSA asymmetric key kms AsymmetricRsaDecrypt
Decrypting with SM2 asymmetric key kms AsymmetricSm2Decrypt
Binding key to Tencent Cloud resource kms BindCloudResource
Canceling the scheduled deletion of CMK kms CancelKeyDeletion
Creating CMK kms CreateKey
Creating white-box key kms CreateWhiteBoxKey
Decrypting kms Decrypt
Deleting imported key material kms DeleteImportedKeyMaterial
Deleting white-box key kms DeleteWhiteBoxKey
Getting CMK attribute kms DescribeKey
Getting attributes of multiple CMKs kms DescribeKeys
Getting white-box decryption key kms DescribeWhiteBoxDecryptKey
Getting the device fingerprint list of specified key kms DescribeWhiteBoxDeviceFingerprints
Getting the service status of white-box key kms DescribeWhiteBoxServiceStatus
Disabling CMK kms DisableKey
Disabling key rotation kms DisableKeyRotation
Disabling CMKs in batches kms DisableKeys
Disabling white-box key kms DisableWhiteBoxKey
Disabling white-box keys in batches kms DisableWhiteBoxKeys
Enabling CMK kms EnableKey
Enabling key rotation kms EnableKeyRotation
Enabling CMKs in batches kms EnableKeys
Enabling white-box key kms EnableWhiteBoxKey
Enabling white-box keys in batches kms EnableWhiteBoxKeys
Encrypting kms Encrypt
Encrypting with white-box key kms EncryptByWhiteBox
Generating data key kms GenerateDataKey
Generating random number kms GenerateRandom
Getting CMK attribute kms GetKeyAttributes
Querying key rotation status kms GetKeyRotationStatus
Getting the parameters of imported CMK material kms GetParametersForImport
Getting the public key of asymmetric key kms GetPublicKey
Getting the region where the service is available kms GetRegions
Querying service status kms GetServiceStatus
Importing key material kms ImportKeyMaterial
Listing encryption methods supported in the current region kms ListAlgorithms
Getting CMK list kms ListKey
Getting CMK list details kms ListKeyDetail
Getting CMK list kms ListKeys
Overwriting the device fingerprint information of specified key kms OverwriteWhiteBoxDeviceFingerprints
Refreshing ciphertext kms ReEncrypt
Scheduling CMK deletion kms ScheduleKeyDeletion
Modifying CMK attribute kms SetKeyAttributes
Unbinding CMK from Tencent Cloud resource kms UnbindCloudResource
Modifying alias kms UpdateAlias
Modifying CMK description kms UpdateKeyDescription
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