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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:14

Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch Service (ES) is a highly available and scalable cloud-managed Elasticsearch service built by Tencent Cloud based on the open-source search engine Elasticsearch. It is fully compatible with the ELK architecture and widely used in businesses such as website search and navigation, enterprise-level search, service log exception monitoring, and clickstream analysis in fields like internet, gaming, and internet finance.

ES operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Creating ES cluster instance es CreateInstance
Terminating ES cluster instance es DeleteInstance
Querying ES cluster log es DescribeInstanceLogs
Querying instance operation log es DescribeInstanceOperations
Querying ES cluster instance es DescribeInstances
Restarting ES cluster instance es RestartInstance
Updating ES cluster instance es UpdateInstance
Upgrading ES cluster version es UpgradeInstance
Upgrading ES commercial feature es UpgradeLicense
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