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Last updated: 2020-08-28 11:44:21

Leveraging Tencent's over a decade of SMS service technologies and experience, Tencent Cloud Short Message Service (SMS) provides Mainland China and global SMS services for platforms with hundreds of millions of users such as QQ and WeChat and over 100,000 customers. Mainland China verification SMS messages can arrive at user devices in seconds with a 99% delivery rate, and global SMS can be received in over 200 countries/regions with high stability and reliability. SMS aims to help you quickly and flexibly connect to premium text message and global SMS services.

SMS operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Exporting sending log consolesms SMS_AddDumpLogTask
Canceling export consolesms SMS_CancelDumpLogTask
Getting application type list consolesms SMS_GetAllBizList
Getting application details consolesms SMS_GetAPPInfo
Getting application list consolesms SMS_GetAPPList
Getting SMS user callback configuration consolesms SMS_GetCallbackList
Pulling frequency limit rule consolesms SMS_GetFreqRule
Getting frequency limit allowlist consolesms SMS_GetFrqWhiteList
Pulling contacts data consolesms SMS_GetNewsReceiver
Listing packages consolesms SMS_GetPackageList
Getting alarm consolesms SMS_GetPkgWarningThreshold
Getting SMS sending list consolesms SMS_GetSendList
Getting notice list consolesms SMS_GetSMSNotice
Getting SMS template list consolesms SMS_GetTPLList
Getting SMS signature details consolesms SMS_GetTPLSignInfo
SMS Console homepage consolesms SmsQcloudCom
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