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Last updated: 2022-05-17 14:20:48

    Tencent Cloud Conference (TCC) can be widely used in business conferences, industry forums, annual meetings, road shows, lectures, etc. With features such as face recognition, electronic business card, simultaneous interpretation, and live streaming, TCC enables online, digital, and paperless conference organization via PC site,WeChat Mini Programs or HTML5 pages.

    High efficiency

    You, as an organizer, only need to submit basic information online to apply for access to TCC, and our sales team will contact you to learn more about your needs. After creating a TCC account, you can quickly create a dedicated website or WeChat Mini Program for conferences, without any time-consuming development processes.

    Low costs

    There is no need to make guest cards, participation guides, or promotional materials, which reduces material production costs and is environmentally friendly. Features like sign-in via face recognition and smart customer service also help relieve the pressure on on-site personnel and reduce labor costs.

    Big data

    The backend analyzes participant sign-in status in real time. Meanwhile, an effective conference CRM system is established to help you better manage conferences and maintain business opportunities.

    Excellent user experience

    Participants can simply use the WeChat Mini Program to obtain all relevant conference information, traffic conditions, business opportunities, etc. They can also exchange electronic business cards easily by scanning and save them by category. Other features like sign-in via face recognition and simultaneous interpretation are also available.

    Quality service

    Keeping to Tencent Cloud's service principle, we respond to customer needs quickly. After your application is approved, we will contact you to learn more about your needs, determine application scenarios and business intentions, and much more.

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