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Last updated: 2022-01-23 16:27:37

Live Steaming

Live streaming is when a virtual event is created, the TCC system automatically generates a push/pull stream address, and after the event starts, the clients push the live content to the website for display.

Live Steam Video Playback

During the live session, TCC will automatically record the live content and store it on the Tencent Cloud VOD platform. After the live session ends, the corresponding playback video is automatically generated for users to watch.

Comment Review

During the live session, TCC provides a comment function for audience to comment. Event administrator can review the comments one by one, and filter inappropriate comments.


It is a data visualization module, which can display the key data and charts of the event on a screen for the event organizer to learn how is the event going.

Business Matching

It is a video call appointment platform, users can find their interested person/company by searching or being recommended , and then make appointments based on other‘s schedule. After the appointment is successful, the system will automatically create an online video meeting room for both parties to communicate online.

Virtual Exhibition

It is exhibition that held on the Internet, all exhibitors build and manage their own booths through the TCC online platforms, and communicate with visitors through instant messaging or online video meeting room.

E-business card

For user who registered for the virtual exhibition, the TCC system will automatically generate an E-business card for him/her. If the visitor is interested in one exhibitor, he/she can send the business card and then the exhibitor will contact him/her for business negotiation.

CDN(Content Delivery Network)

It is composed of high-performance acceleration nodes all over the world. These service nodes will store your business content according to a certain caching strategy. When your user initiates a request for one of your business content, the request will be dispatched to the nearest node. It can effectively reduce user access delay.

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