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Account Type Value Table

Last updated: 2022-04-14 18:58:12
Account Type Number Type Description Sample
0 Default It will be categorized as this type when accountType is not passed in. -
1-16 Custom The business side binds a custom account with a token, such as uin. -
991 QQ account number Five to 12 digits 12345
992 QQ account number - MD5 Encrypted QQ account number. Before encryption, a QQ account number is a 5- to 12-character numeric string; after encryption, it becomes a 32-character case-insensitive alphanumeric string. -
997 OAID Anonymous device identifier set by the Mobile Security Alliance (MSA). Keep the original value without changing the case, and do not encode it with MD5. It is composed of numbers, letters, and hyphens. The format and length vary depending on the collection vendor and system version. For ID details, please see the MSA website. -
998 OAID - MD5 Encrypted OAID. It is a 32-character case-insensitive string. Directly process the original value of OAID with MD5, without changing the case or removing hyphens. -
999 WeChat Union ID Encrypted account ID of WeChat Open Platform, which is the unique WeChat Union ID of all Official Accounts/Mini Programs/mobile applications under an account on WeChat Open Platform -
1002 Mobile number Mobile number in E.164 format [+][country code or area code][subscriber number] +8613711112222, where there is a + sign in the front, 86 is the country code, and 13711112222 is the subscriber number
1003 WeChat OpenID Unique identifier of a WeChat user under a WeChat Official account/ Mini Program AppID. The obtained OpenID varies depending on AppID. -
1004 QQ OpenID - -
1005 Email - -
1006 Sina Weibo - -
1007 Alipay - -
1008 Taobao - -
1009 Douban - -
1010 Facebook - -
1011 Twitter - -
1012 Google - -
1013 Baidu - -
1014 JD - -
1015 LinkedIn - -
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