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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2024-05-09 09:43:37

    Key Management Service (New Billing)

    Key Management Service (New Billing) offers a basic edition in a monthly subscription, providing key creation, activation, disabling, and other lifetime management features. It supports seamless integration with Tencent Cloud products, achieving transparent encryption.
    Billing Cycle
    Basic Edition
    Supports management of 200 CMKs
    420 USD

    Key Management Service (Old Billing)

    Key Management Service will not support the old billing mode for new customers starting from May 1st, 2024.
    Key Management Service (Old Billing) is based on two parts: CMK storage and API call fees, as detailed below:
    CMK storage
    Tencent Cloud managed CMKs
    Customer managed CMKs
    0.06 USD/key/day
    API calls
    First 20,000 calls
    API calls
    0.18 USD/10,000 calls

    Settlement cycle

    Key Management Service (Old Billing) supports the pay-as-you-go billing method on a monthly basis. The fees for one month are calculated and deducted on the 3rd to 5th days of the following month.

    CMK storage fees

    This refers to the fees for storing the CMKs created in KMS. The CMK storage fees are billed daily according to the total number of CMKs under a specified.
    Tencent Cloud managed CMKs: free of charge. A Tencent Cloud managed CMK is automatically created for you when a Tencent Cloud product (such as COS or TDSQL) calls the KMS service.
    Customer managed CMKs: 0.06 USD/key/day. A customer managed CMK is actively created by you in the console or via an API call.
    Limits: each account can have up to 200 CMKs per region (excluding Tencent Cloud managed CMKs and the ones in Scheduled deletion status). If you need to create more CMKs, please submit a ticket or contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep.
    CMK billing status: the customer managed CMKs in Scheduled deletion status are not billed.

    API call fees

    KMS provides a free tier of 20,000 API calls. After the free tier is used up, API calls will be billed monthly, that is, the cumulative API calls under a specified account in one month will be billed monthly.
    API calls: 0.18 USD/10,000 calls, billed monthly.
    If there are less than 1000 API calls, fees will be billed for 1000 calls.
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