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Last updated: 2022-07-25 10:51:44

    TencentDB for DBbrain (DBbrain) is a database self-management service provided by Tencent Cloud, helping you with database management, and the optimization of performance and security.

    It leverages machine learning and big data technologies to replicate the best industry practices and automate manual database OPS tasks, ensuring the security, stability and efficiency of your database services, both in and off the cloud.

    Key Features

    • Intelligent optimization: By leveraging machine learning and big data, DBbrain can quickly replicate the best industry practices and automate a large number of database diagnosis and optimization tasks, which facilitates the operations of your database services both on and off the cloud.
    • Security protection: DBbrain provides multiple data security services for user behavior, SQL statements, and data storage encryption. DBbrain is also compliant with cybersecurity classified protection requirements.
    • Database management: DBbrain provides an installation-free, OPS-free, and out-of-the-box web database management platform that supports multiple database types and environments.

    Benefits of DBbrain

    • Improved database stability
    • Your database is under 24/7 autonomous protection. On call personnel is not needed.
    • DBbrain can intelligently detect exceptions and perform corresponding optimization in real time, improving the self-healing capabilities of your databases.
    • Health checks are performed to reduce risk and prevent problems.
    • Improved management efficiency
    • Intelligent services are conveniently provided for your use, effectively shortening the OPS response time.
    • DBbrain offers unified multidimensional batch management to help you easily manage a massive amount of instances.
    • Enhanced database security
    • Data encryption and CCPCS-compliant protection ensure your databases operate securely.
    • Standardized and normalized operations reduce the number of required server logins and thus minimize the probability of faulty operations.
    • Audit logs of all operations are retained for future review.
    • Reduced OPS costs
    • DBbrain enables one-click OPS management operations and performance optimization, which greatly reduce OPS costs.
    • DBbrain enables proactive failure location and intelligent optimization, which greatly reduce the threshold of database OPS management.

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