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Last updated: 2022-08-15 15:34:53

    Intelligent optimization


    Included features: Exception diagnosis, real-time session, slow SQL analysis, space analysis, SQL optimization, audit log analysis (formerly SQL Pivot), key analysis (for Redis only), tiered delayed request type distribution, and health report.

    DBbrain provides intelligent analysis for database instances throughout the Ops lifecycle, helping you intuitively understand their real-time operating statuses. You can also locate exceptions in real time, and optimize your system based on suggestions.

    Intelligent optimization consists of the following features:

    • Intelligent check
      Intelligent check routinely performs health checks on database reliability, availability, performance, and maintainability, while generating optimization suggestions accordingly. You can get a full picture of the operating status of database instances, and troubleshoot problems to improve performance.

    • Intelligent monitoring
      Intelligent monitoring offers more focused monitoring dimensions and metric combinations by integrating the best practices of TencentDB technical experts. It can display the performance of TencentDB instances intuitively, while featuring real-time monitoring metrics.

    • Intelligent diagnosis
      Intelligent diagnosis diagnoses and analyzes database exceptions 24/7 in real time based on metric data collected by intelligent monitoring. For performance issues, it provides optimization measures with regard to specification configuration, SQL analysis, business logic, and usage by analyzing the results from SQL query optimizer, performance analysis engine, and rules engine.

    • Intelligent alarm
      Intelligent alarm adapts to your custom alarms and intelligently diagnose potential exceptions and risks. It can notify you of the exception promptly, provide optimization suggestions, and support automatic quick fix.

    • Intelligent optimization
      Intelligent optimization analyzes the performance problems of SQL statements, gives optimization suggestions, and provides SQL rewriting capabilities. It can also help you better understand the causes and details of performance differences through visual execution plans.

    Database management


    Included features: Instance overview, instance management, full instance monitoring, and database management center (DMC).

    DBbrain features a unified management platform that supports user-level database management, monitoring, and visual interaction. It can reduce your management cost by over 50% and greatly improve the Ops efficiency.

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