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Last updated: 2022-08-15 16:26:06

    Real-time diagnosis and optimization

    DBbrain provides 24/7 diagnosis of database exceptions based on real-time information, ensuring their timely detection and troubleshooting. This helps build a new database health protection mechanism that features regular check, proactive detection, instant analysis and optimization.

    Security and efficiency

    With non-intrusive design and encrypted transfer, it will not impact the database environment and performance.

    Measurable optimization

    DBbrain provides highly accurate data collection, exception analysis, diagnosis and optimization. Its suggestions are based on theoretical analysis of exceptions, and comparisons with the simulated optimization results. You can gauge the optimization effect more precisely.


    DBbrain supports relational, NoSQL, NewSQL and many other types of databases, making it suitable for both in and off-cloud databases. It offers diagnosis and analysis not only for database instances in Tencent Cloud, but also those deployed in other clouds or on-premise databases, which facilitates hybrid cloud database management.

    One-tap mobile management

    DBbrain can be used on mobile devices through the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem. You can easily track, manage and optimize your databases anytime, anywhere.

    AI support

    DBbrain is backed by Tencent Cloud's deep learning algorithms and training environments with high numbers of samples. Its services include automated optimization of database performance, highly accurate threat analysis, security governance suggestions, and more.

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