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Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-03-18 14:59:13

    Daily database OPS

    DBbrain provides 24/7 database exception detection, diagnosis, analysis, and intelligent alarm service. It also features recommendations, one-click optimization, AI-powered automatic optimization of database performance, and optimal configurations based on your business characteristics to greatly improve OPS efficiency.

    Security threat identification

    Backed by Tencent Cloud's deep learning algorithms and training environments, DBbrain can monitor and trigger alarms for various types of attacks and risky operations. Based on data asset and sensitive data discovery information, it can trigger alarms and rate security levels for users, behaviors, and data that severely deviate from the models. This helps administrators discover malicious operations and provides more accurate threat analysis as well as security governance suggestions for database operations.

    Hybrid cloud database management

    DBbrain is suitable for both in-cloud and off-cloud database scenarios. It provides diagnosis and optimization not only for database instances in Tencent Cloud, but also those deployed in other clouds or on-premise databases. It adopts a non-intrusive design and protected data transfer to ensure security, helping you build a unified platform for hybrid cloud database management.

    Mobile database OPS

    DBbrain is integrated within the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem and accessible on both PCs and mobile devices. Features such as mobile alarms, daily health report subscription, exception diagnosis, and one-tap optimization are available on mobile devices for your convenience.

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