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Last updated: 2022-09-01 18:34:46

    What is DBbrain compatible with?

    DBbrain is currently supported for many types of SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases, including TencentDB for MySQL (excluding basic single-node instances), TDSQL-C for MySQL, self-built MySQL, TencentDB for Redis, and TencentDB for MongoDB.

    What features does DBbrain have?

    DBbrain provides a rich set of features, such as instance monitoring, audit log analysis (including SQL analysis and security risk identification), slow SQL analysis, real-time session, and health report.

    How do I access DBbrain?

    DBbrain can be accessed on both PCs and mobile devices. On a PC, you can access DBbrain through the DBbrain console. On a mobile device, you can access it through the "Tencent Cloud Assistant" WeChat Mini Program or the "TencentDB" WeChat Official Account.

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