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API Authentication Upgrade Notification [2022.03.31]

Last updated: 2022-03-31 18:08:24

According to the security requirements of Tencent Cloud, APIs that are directly accessed now require CAM authentication for access from April 8, 2022. Please grant access permissions for following APIs in the CAM console before April 8, 2022 so that you can use them normally.


If you use the QcloudDBBRAINFullAccess authentication policy, you don’t need to modify it.

APIs that require CAM authentication (eight in total)

API Name API Description API Type
DescribeSlowLogUserHostStats Gets the slow log source address chart Resource-level
DescribeUserSqlAdvice Gets SQL statement optimization suggestions Resource-level
DescribeMySqlProcessList Gets the real-time thread list Resource-level
DescribeTopSpaceSchemas Gets the space statistics of top databases Resource-level
DescribeDBDiagEvents Gets the diagnosis event list Operation-level
DescribeProxySessionKillTasks Queries the status of the session killing task executed by the proxy node Resource-level
DescribeDiagDBInstances Gets the instance list Operation-level
CreateProxySessionKillTask Creates a task of killing proxy node sessions Resource-level
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