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Resource-level Permissions Supported

Last updated: 2019-12-06 17:31:14

Resource-level permission can be used to specify which resources a user can manipulate. TencentDB supports certain resource-level permission. This means that for some TencentDB operations, you can control the time when a user is allowed to perform operations (based on mandatory conditions) or to use specified resources. The following table describes the types of resources that can be authorized in TencentDB.

Types of resources that can be authorized in CAM:

Resource Type Resource Description Method in Authorization Policy
TencentDB instance-related qcs::dcdb:$region:$account:instance/*

The table below lists the TencentDB API operations which currently support resource-level permission control as well as the resources and condition keys supported by each operation. When specifying a resource path, you can use the "*" wildcard in the path.

Any TencentDB API operation not listed here does not support resource-level permission. If a TencentDB API operation does not support resource-level permission, you can still authorize a user to perform this operation, but you must specify * for the resource element of the policy statement.

The following operations support resource-level permission control

Operation Name API Name Effective in Console After Configuration
Recovering a dedicated instance ActiveDedicatedDBInstance Yes
Binding security groups AssociateSecurityGroups Yes
Checking IP status CheckIpStatus Yes
Cloning an account CloneAccount Yes
Disabling public network access for an instance CloseDBExtranetAccess Yes
Copying account permission CopyAccountPrivileges Yes
Creating an account CreateAccount Yes
Creating an instance CreateDCDBInstance Yes
Deleting an account DeleteAccount Yes
Querying account permission DescribeAccountPrivileges Yes
Querying the account list DescribeAccounts Yes
Querying audit logs DescribeAuditLogs Yes
Querying audit rule details DescribeAuditRuleDetail Yes
Querying the audit rule list DescribeAuditRules Yes
Querying audit policies DescribeAuditStrategies Yes
Querying the price for batch instance renewal DescribeBatchDCDBRenewalPrice Yes
Querying instance objects DescribeDatabaseObjects Yes
Querying instance database names DescribeDatabases Yes
Querying column information of an instance table DescribeDatabaseTable Yes
Getting the log list DescribeDBLogFiles Yes
Querying monitoring information DescribeDBMetrics Yes
Viewing database parameters DescribeDBParameters Yes
Querying security group information of an instance DescribeDBSecurityGroups Yes
Getting slow log recording details DescribeDBSlowLogAnalysis Yes
Getting the slow log list DescribeDBSlowLogs Yes
Querying instance sync mode DescribeDBSyncMode Yes
Getting instance details DescribeDCDBInstanceDetail Yes
Viewing the instance list DescribeDCDBInstances Yes
Querying price DescribeDCDBPrice Yes
Querying the renewal price of an instance DescribeDCDBRenewalPrice Yes
Querying purchasable AZs DescribeDCDBSaleInfo Yes
Querying instance shards DescribeDCDBShards Yes
Querying the upgrade price of an instance DescribeDCDBUpgradePrice Yes
Querying dedicated cluster specification DescribeFenceShardSpec Yes
Querying flow status DescribeFlow Yes
Querying the latest DBA check result DescribeLatestCloudDBAReport Yes
Viewing backup log settings DescribeLogFileRetentionPeriod Yes
Querying order information DescribeOrders Yes
Querying projects DescribeProjects Yes
Querying security group information of a project DescribeProjectSecurityGroups Yes
Querying instance specification DescribeShardSpec Yes
Getting SQL logs DescribeSqlLogs Yes
Unbinding security groups from Tencent Cloud resources in batches DisassociateSecurityGroups Yes
Setting account permission GrantAccountPrivileges Yes
Initializing instances InitDCDBInstances Yes
Isolating a dedicated instance IsolateDedicatedDBInstance Yes
Modifying database account remarks ModifyAccountDescription Yes
Setting auto-renewal in batches ModifyAutoRenewFlag Yes
Renaming an instance ModifyDBInstanceName Yes
Modifying security groups bound to a TencentDB instance ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups Yes
Modifying instance project ModifyDBInstancesProject Yes
Modifying database parameters ModifyDBParameters Yes
Modifying instance sync mode ModifyDBSyncMode Yes
Modifying instance network ModifyInstanceNetwork Yes
Modifying instance VIP ModifyInstanceVip Yes
Modifying backup log settings ModifyLogFileRetentionPeriod Yes
Enabling public network access OpenDBExtranetAccess Yes
Renewing an instance RenewDCDBInstance Yes
Resetting account password ResetAccountPassword Yes
Enabling smart DBA StartSmartDBA Yes
Scaling an instance UpgradeDCDBInstance Yes
Upgrading a dedicated instance UpgradeDedicatedDCDBInstance Yes
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