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Exporting/Importing Data

Last updated: 2024-01-06 17:34:55

    Exporting Data

    TDSQL for MySQL supports exporting data with mysqldump. Before export, you need to set the net_write_timeout parameter (set global net_write_timeout=28800) in the TDSQL for MySQL Console. Note that command line utilities are not authorized by TDSQL for MySQL, so you can set the parameter only in the console.
    mysqldump --compact --single-transaction --no-create-info -c db_name table_name -utest -h10.xx.xx.34 -P3336 -ptest123
    The db and table parameters should be specified based on the actual situation. If the exported data is to be imported into another set of TDSQL for MySQL environment, the -c option must be added.
    Export account needs to have select on *.* permissions.

    Importing Data

    TDSQL for MySQL provides a professional tool to import data specified by load data outfile. This tool shards a source file into multiple files according to the shardkey routing rules, and passes each file through to the corresponding backend database.
    [tdengine@TENCENT64 ~/]$./load_data
    format:./load_data mode0/mode1 proxy_host proxy_port user password db_table shardkey_index file field_terminate filed_enclosed
    example:./load_data mode1 10.xx.xx.10 3336 test test123 shard.table 1 '/tmp/datafile' ' ' ''
    The source file must use '\\n' as a line break.
    mode0 means that the source file is sharded but will not be imported, which is usually used for debugging. To import data, use mode1.
    shardkey_index starts from 0. If the shardkey is the second field, shardkey_index should be 1.
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