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Last updated: 2022-07-22 10:15:44

    Tencent Infrastructure as Code (TIC) is an open Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform developed by Tencent Cloud. By integrating leading open-source technologies, TIC allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure in an efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner.

    TIC offers three features: resource orchestration, configuration management, and compliance check. It supports the HCL (Terraform) syntax, and offers multiple public templates built upon Tencent Cloud best practices to simplify usage.


    TIC continues to integrate industry-leading products to offer you the best TIC practices. Compared with other IaC products, TIC has the following advantages.

    Free of charge

    TIC is completely free of charge. All features are based on technologies independently developed by Tencent Cloud and open-source technologies. You will only be billed for the cloud resources created.

    Multi-cloud support

    As an open platform, TIC allows you to deploy, migrate, and manage cloud resources both in Tencent Cloud and in multi-cloud scenarios. TIC currently supports resource orchestration and configuration management of major cloud service providers, and will support more in the future to meet your business needs.

    Ease of use

    TIC supports Terraform and is compatible with the HCL (Terraform) syntax. You can obtain relevant learning materials from the internet to get started easily. TIC also provides different templates to help you build your own infrastructure by modifying some basic parameters.

    Comprehensive IaC

    TIC not only supports basic resource orchestration, but also configuration management, application deployment, and compliance check. TIC allows you to improve efficiency, while reducing operational costs and risks.

    Diverse templates

    TIC supports public and private templates. Private template management allows you to use existing infrastructure, while saving and managing successful infrastructure cases. Public template management provides you with industry best practices, serving as a reference for you to use and optimize the infrastructure.

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