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Last updated: 2020-08-13 09:31:39

    How do I obtain API credentials?

    Go to API Key Management to obtain API credentials.

    What is a stack?

    A stack is a collection of cloud services. TIC manages cloud resources by using stacks.

    Does TIC support third-party code libraries?

    TIC currently does not support any third-party code libraries. However, it will support GitHub later.

    How do I use TIC to create third-party cloud resources?

    By default, TIC’s automated process only supports Tencent Cloud, but will be available for mainstream cloud service providers in the future. To create third-party cloud resources, you can add providers, API credentials, and regions on the code compilation page.

    No. TIC cannot automatically synchronize with cloud resource properties in the console, which can only be achieved if you manually modify parameters of corresponding resources in the code.

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