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Stack Management

Last updated: 2020-08-13 09:31:38

    This document describes how to query and manage stacks.


    1. Log in to the TIC console.
    2. In the left sidebar, choose Orchestration -> Stacks to go to the Stacks page. You can view existing stacks and the following information about each stack:
      • Region: region where a stack resides.
      • Created time: time when the stack was created. UTC is used.
      • Status: status of a stack.
      • Version: current version of a stack.
    3. On this page, you can perform the following stack operations:
      • Destroy a stack: release all resources under the stack. Its status will change from APPLY_COMPLETED to DESTROY_COMPLETED.
      • Delete a stack: delete a stack only after the stack is destroyed.
    4. Click on the ID/Name of any stacks to query the following details:
      • Property displays basic information about the stack.
      • Version allows you to query and manage the version history of the stack. You can create, export and compare versions, and save a version as a template.


        Each stack can have only one version draft. If you have selected a version when creating a new one, the specified version will be used as the basis. If you do not specify a version, the new version will be created based on the version in VERSION_EDITING status by default. If no version is in the VERSION_EDITING status, the current running version will be used as the basis.

      • Resource displays all resources in the stack.
      • Event displays all events related to the stack version.
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