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Cloud Service List

Last updated: 2020-09-25 14:30:21

The following table lists the cloud services supported by Tencent Infrastructure as Code (TIC).

Type Cloud Service
Computing Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM)
Auto Scaling (AS)
Storage Cloud Object Storage (COS)
Cloud File Storage (CFS)
Cloud Block Storage (CBS)
Networking NAT Gateway
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Elastic IP (EIP)
Elastic Network Interface (ENI)
VPN Connections
Direct Connect (DC)
Cloud Connect Network (CCN)
Cloud Load Balancer (CLB)
High-Availability Virtual IP (HAVIP)
Database TencentDB for MongoDB
TencentDB for MySQL
TencentDB for Redis
TencentDB for SQL Server
TencentDB for TcaplusDB (TcaplusDB)
Middleware API Gateway
Message Queue CKafka
Network security Anti-DDoS
CDN & acceleration Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP)
Container Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE)
Domains & websites SSL Certificates Service
Application security Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Serverless Serverless Cloud Function (SCF)
Monitoring & OPS Cloud Monitor (CM)
Management & auditing Cloud Audit (CA)

To view the parameter configuration of each cloud service, log in to the TIC console and click Details in the Resource Types list.

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