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Last updated: 2022-01-14 14:30:41

    Terraform relies on provider plugins to interact with cloud providers, SaaS providers, and other APIs. Terraform configurations must declare which providers they require so that Terraform can install and use them. Additionally, some providers require configuration before they can be used. This document describes how to configure provider plugins.

    Searching for Provider

    Go to the Providers page, search, and enter the TencentCloud Provider page to view the user guide as shown below:

    Downloading Provider

    Run the following command to download the latest plugin version from Terraform's official repository by default.

    terraform init

    If you need to use a legacy version, you can specify the version information with the version argument as shown below:

    terraform {
     required_providers {
       tencentcloud = {
         source = "tencentcloudstack/tencentcloud"
         # Specify the version by `version`
         version = "1.60.18"

    Provider Declaration

    provider "tencentcloud" {
     region = "ap-guangzhou"
     secret_id = "my-secret-id"
     secret_key = "my-secret-key"
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