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Last updated: 2022-01-14 14:30:42

    Resource Constraint

    This is an open-source project for both individual and team developers, and we welcome code contribution. Please observe the following rules for more efficient communication and development as well as a better user experience:

    • Output product details, field lists, and corresponding APIs.
    • Expose TencentCloud APIs for CRUD operations as required by products (at least the APIs for creation and deletion must be supported).
    • Unique IDs or values such as names and SNs must be returned after resources are created.
    • Input arguments must be able to be queried to ensure that the configuration and actual resource state are consistent.
    • You must provide unit tests and ensure that they are passed.
    • Single responsibility principle: do only one thing per change and avoid relying on or affecting other changes.

    Code Development

    You need to fork a copy of the code from the master repository to a subrepository. Develop the code as instructed in Development Notes and Development and Debugging, and ensure that the code can be executed after self-tests and unit tests are passed before committing it for push.
    After the code is pushed, create a merge request to the master repository for code review.

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