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Last updated: 2024-06-13 10:21:45
    TIMPush provides you with stable, timely and diversified push services. Compared with self-integrated push, TIMPush only requires simple configuration and can integrate and access push services from multiple manufacturers with one click. TIMPush supports ordinary message push and all/tag users push, and provides complete push life cycle query, data statistics, and problem troubleshooting services.
    If you have chatting, audio and video calls, signaling and other scenarios and need to be able to reach them in time even in offline scenarios, you can pay attention to the ordinary message push function.
    If you have marketing advertisements, notifications, news information, etc. that need to be pushed to all users or designated groups, you can pay attention to the all/tag users push function.
    Offline push manufacturers support Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, OPPO, vivo, Meizu, APNs, including sub-brands of various manufacturers such as OnePlus, realme, iQOO, etc., and support Google FCM overseas.
    The push management console provides you with full-link troubleshooting tools, push records, and statistical data on various indicators, making it easy for you to view various indicators such as push reach rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.


    Quick integration in 3 minutes

    It is no longer necessary to configure push information for each manufacturer separately. You only need to download and import the json configuration file in the IM console, and you can complete the push information configuration for all mobile phone manufacturers with one click.
    Supports the integration of one or more push channel packages from corresponding manufacturers on demand to easily cope with compliance requirements.
    There is no need to handle push registration, token reporting, front-end and back-end status reporting, etc. by yourself. The push plug-in is self-closed.
    There is no need to add management and processing reporting logic by yourself. The push plug-in reports and summarizes by itself. It also supports link troubleshooting and indicator statistics.
    The plug-in encapsulates interface jumps, icon customization and other methods, and can be used directly.

    Ordinary message push

    In ordinary IM message sending and receiving scenarios, messages can reach the device in time even when the application is offline and support customizable jump interfaces.

    All/tag users push

    The all/tag users push function is designed to help you push marketing, advertising, notifications, etc. to all users or tag users, ensuring that the right messages are sent to the right users in the right way at the right time.
    All/tag users push supports two push methods: on-site and off-site push:

    On-site push

    Supports message roaming. Push messages will also enter the IM message system, which will trigger updates of corresponding sessions, messages, and unread modules. Users can receive push messages when they are online. When users are not online, they can automatically receive push messages after logging in next time. news.

    Off-site push

    Push messages arrive on the device as system notifications and are not saved in the IM system.

    Custom jump interface

    After the user receives the push, click on the notification bar to see the customized jump interface.

    Push custom styles

    Supports custom styles of small icons, right icons, long text, large pictures, badge and ringtones.

    Full-link troubleshooting tools

    Provide self-service troubleshooting tools to view the entire push link details, analyze push failure and click failure reasons, and improve conversions.

    Statistical data

    Record and query all push data of users, organize and analyze various types of indicator data pushed by users every day, and generate recent delivery > reach > click funnel conversion charts, which can be viewed according to manufacturer channel classification.
    Push indicator analysis
    Push record


    Step 1: Activate the TIMPush

    Go to IM Console > Push, click Buy Now or Free Trial . (Each application can be tried once for free, valid for 7 days)
    After the trial or purchase of the TIMPush expires, push services (including offline push of ordinary messages, all/tag users push, etc.) will be automatically stopped. To avoid affecting the normal use of your business, please purchase/renew in advance.

    Step 2: Integrate and use TIMPush

    Vendor configuration Android & iOS & Flutter & uniapp
    Quickly access Android & iOS & Flutter & uniapp

    Step 3: Send all/tag users push

    For details, please see push to all/tags.

    Step 4: Push diverse implementations

    For details, please see Advanced Features.

    Step 5: Push Management and Analysis


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