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Last updated: 2022-03-24 14:59:25

Input Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateStreamLiveInput Creates a StreamLive input
DeleteStreamLiveInput Deletes a StreamLive input
DescribeStreamLiveInput Queries a StreamLive input
DescribeStreamLiveInputs Queries StreamLive inputs in batches
ModifyStreamLiveInput Modifies a StreamLive input

Channel Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateStreamLiveChannel Creates a StreamLive channel
DeleteStreamLiveChannel Deletes a StreamLive channel
DescribeStreamLiveChannel Queries a StreamLive channel
DescribeStreamLiveChannels Queries StreamLive channels in batches
ModifyStreamLiveChannel Modifies a StreamLive channel
StartStreamLiveChannel Starts a StreamLive channel
StopStreamLiveChannel Stops a StreamLive channel

Statistics APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeStreamLiveChannelAlerts Queries the alarm information of a StreamLive channel
DescribeStreamLiveChannelInputStatistics Queries input statistics
DescribeStreamLiveChannelLogs Queries StreamLive channel logs
DescribeStreamLiveChannelOutputStatistics Queries the output statistics of a StreamLive channel
DescribeStreamLiveRegions Queries StreamLive regions
DescribeStreamLiveTranscodeDetail Queries transcoding information

Watermark Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateStreamLiveWatermark Adds a watermark
DeleteStreamLiveWatermark Deletes a watermark
DescribeStreamLiveWatermark Queries a watermark
DescribeStreamLiveWatermarks Queries multiple watermarks at a time
ModifyStreamLiveWatermark Modifies a watermark

Plan APIs

API Name Feature
CreateStreamLivePlan Creates an event in the plan
DeleteStreamLivePlan Deletes a StreamLive event
DescribeStreamLivePlans Queries events in batches

Input Security Group Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateStreamLiveInputSecurityGroup Creates an input security group
DeleteStreamLiveInputSecurityGroup Deletes an input security group
DescribeStreamLiveInputSecurityGroup Queries an input security group
DescribeStreamLiveInputSecurityGroups Queries input security groups in batches
ModifyStreamLiveInputSecurityGroup Modifies an input security group
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