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Configuring StreamPackage

Last updated: 2022-09-14 11:01:30

This document shows you how to configure StreamPackage.

  1. Log in to the StreamPackage console, select a region near to your operations.
  2. Click Create Channel and enter the required information in the pop-up window.
  • Input Protocol: HLS or DASH. HLS is selected in this example.
  • Max Segment Duration: The maximum duration of TS segments pushed to this channel. We recommend you set this to four seconds.
  • Max Playlist Duration: The maximum duration of M3U8 playlist files pushed to this channel. We recommend you set this to 12 seconds (i.e., three TS segments in an M3U8 playlist).
  1. Click Create. You will enter the advanced configuration page. You can view existing configuration information under the Information tab, or configure push URLs, playback URLs, and CDN acceleration under the Input, Endpoints, and CDN tabs.

  2. Input: The system will automatically assign two input URLs for the channel, which can be used for failover to ensure high availability.

  • You can configure independent authentication information for each input. After you enable Input Authentication, the system will automatically generate a username and a password for the input.
  • You can click Rotate credentials to generate new authentication information. The original information cannot be recovered.
  • If you want to push content to the input URL from a third-party service, make sure you note the Input URL and authentication information.
  1. Endpoint: Select the Endpoints tab, click Create Endpoint to create a playback URL. Two access control methods are supported: IP Restriction and AuthKey. Because HLS is selected as the input protocol, an HLS URL will be generated. The URL is the full path of the main.m3u8 file.

  2. You have now completed configuration for StreamPackage. Return to Channel Management, find the channel you created in the list, and note the ID and Endpoint URL for later use.

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