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Release Notes

Last updated: 2022-05-11 15:08:32

    This document introduces the updates to Tencent Container Registry (TCR) Enterprise. For more information on the updates to Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE), see Release Notes.

    December 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Upgrade of image acceleration to download the data in the image on demandUpgrades the capability of image acceleration. It can be enabled with one click. The container can be started in seconds when deploying the application, without the need to pull all image data.-
    The Personal Edition service supports automatic image deployment in all regionsThe personal version service supports the automatic image deployment function based on CODING DevOps in all available regions, which can automatically trigger image construction for code push and automatically push to the personal version image repository to update container applications in the specified cluster.-

    November 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    The Personal Edition service supports image building in all regionsThe Personal Edition service supports image building based on CODING DevOps in all available regions, and you can select the specified image repository > image build in the unified product console to configure it.-
    Changes the entry point of TCR Individual in the consoleStarting from November 1, 2021 (UTC +8), entry of TCR Individual (the original path: TKE > Image Repository) in the console will be changed to be located in the TCR console and this will be in beta test. For the relationship of the existing features in the two consoles, see related documents.-

    October 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    The logs of instance replication can be checkedThe instance replication feature now supports checking replication logs, and supports querying via API.Configuring Instance Replication
    TCR console supports unified management of image repositories of TCR IndividualThe TCR console now supports unified management of image repositories of TCR Individual. You can check the instances of TCR Individual, and manage namespaces and image repositories, etc.-

    July 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Supports cross-master account instance synchronizationThe instance synchronization feature supports cross-master account target instances and realizes cross-master account instance data synchronization.Configuring Instance Synchronization
    Supports image tag immutabilitySupports enabling the tag immutability feature for images hosted in TCR, which ensures that images of the same tag will only be successfully pushed once.Configuring Image Tag Immutability

    June 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Enhances TCR console featuresThe original instance list page has been upgraded to an instance management page, where you can view the instance overview, the latest TCR features and product updates.-
    Supports batch adding/editing for public network access allowlistTCR console supports entering multiple allowlists at a single time or importing existing security group.Public Network Access Control
    Supports auto-parsing management and adds multiple supported regionsAdds Nanjing, HongKong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Chengdu, and Chongqing as the supported regions.Private Network Access Control
    Supports removal of unused image dataUsers can set custom rules to remove unused image data of TCR Enterprise instances in batch to release storage capacity. Dry runs are supported.Releasing COS Storage Capacity

    April 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Supports querying audit logsTCR Enterprise has been accessed to Tencent CloudAudit. You can check the logs of read and write operations of instances, namespaces, and image repositories in "Event History".-

    March 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Added support for custom domain nameTCR supports custom domain names. User can add custom domain names and SSL certificates to the TCR Enterprise instances, and access the instance through the HTTPS protocol.-

    January 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Supports multi-region replication of a single instanceUsers can create replicas of an Enterprise Premium instance in multiple regions with the same access domain name and credential as the original TCR Enterprise instance and synchronize underlying image data of the original instance to replicas in real time. After image data is uploaded, it can be downloaded through the local private network in multiple regions.Configuring Instance Replication
    Supports cloud-native artifacts and multi-architecture imagesTCR Enterprise instances are compatible with cloud-native artifacts (OCI). Image Registry can host Helm Charts, CNAB and other cloud-native artifacts. TCR Enterprise instances can host multi-architecture container images, such as amd64 and arm, to be applicable to IoT and edge computing scenarios.-
    Added support for on-demand container image loading.A TCR Enterprise instance can enable the on-demand container image loading feature. When cluster nodes pull image data from the TCR Enterprise instance, they can mount pulled data as needed, improving the container startup speed.-
    Optimizes the private network access featureWhen a private network access linkage is created for an instance deployed in China, the VPCDNS can be used to configure private network resolution for the instance access domain name, without the need to use an external DNS or configure the host.Private Network Access Control
    TCR Enterprise is available in regions of Beijing Finance and TaipeiTCR Enterprise is now available in regions of Beijing Finance and Taipei. For more information on billing, see Billing Overview.Billing Overview

    December 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Starts commercial billing for TCR EnterpriseTCR Enterprise instances have ended beta testing and will be billed. SLA guarantees are provided, and users can purchase instances in pay-as-you-go mode.Billing Overview
    TCR Enterprise is available in Virginia and Frankfurt regionsTCR Enterprise is now available in the Virginia and Frankfurt regions. For more information on billing, see Billing Overview.Billing Overview

    October 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Adds support for multiple code sources in the image building featureThe private GitLab and TGit code sources are now supported, and the code source authorization process has been optimized.-
    Image filtering is supported in the delivery pipeline deployment featureLocal push images can be used to trigger the deployment process, and filtering rules can be configured to deploy only the most recently pushed images that meet the rules.-

    September 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Adds image tag retention featureAutomatic clearing rules can be configured for image tags in a namespace to periodically clear historical image tags.Auto-Deleting Image Tags

    August 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    The TCR plug-in is supported in TKE clustersA TKE cluster can install the TCR Enterprise plug-in quickly to enable secret-free pulling of container images and Helm Charts through the private network. This significantly improves the application deployment experience.TKE Clusters Use the TCR Plug-In to Enable Secret-Free Pulling of Container Images through Private Network
    Added support for Tencent Cloud tags.Users can now bind TCR Enterprise instances with Tencent Cloud tags, with which they can perform instance resource filtering and permission management.Creating a TCR Enterprise Instance

    July 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Launches the delivery pipeline featureAfter a delivery pipeline is configured, code updates can automatically trigger image building, image push, and application updates. When used with TKE, this feature can quickly implement container DevOps.-
    Updates the Helm Chart featureUsers can upload and download Chart packages through the console. TKE can use TCR private Helm repositories for application deployment.Managing Helm Charts

    June 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelated Documents
    Launches full beta test for TCR EnterpriseTCR Enterprise officially starts full beta test. Users can create secure and exclusive TCR Enterprise instances and use image security scanning, cross-region instance synchronization, and Helm Chart hosting.TCR Product Overview
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