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Last updated: 2022-06-08 17:18:10


    The electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) uses the AI technology to remotely verify user identities automatically. It helps you know your users and reduce the risks posed by identity frauds. It is more simple, efficient, and user-friendly than the traditional offline KYC process.

    By leveraging Tencent's leading AI technologies in document recognition, liveness detection, and face comparison, Tencent Cloud eKYC solution simplifies the complicated traditional identity verification process into three automated steps, and accurately verifies the authenticity of user identities with the AI algorithms.


    Document OCR

    The document OCR feature enables the automatic extraction of identity information and photo from a document image, effectively eliminating the need for manual data entry. Currently, this feature supports the recognition of various types of documents in many countries and regions including Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Macao (China), Malaysia, and Thailand.

    Document authentication

    The document authentication feature enables video-based authentication of forged documents based on the algorithms for image processing and deep learning. It can effectively block common forged or fake documents produced by reproducing, copying, color printing, image processing, blocking and other means, thus increasing the risk identification coverage and reducing the manual review workload.

    Liveness detection and face comparison

    eKYC performs liveness detection and face comparison for the user's video selfie to verify the user's identity. Combined with liveness detection technologies such as motion-based and colored light-based verification, it can effectively block various types of identity attacks, including static photo, video reproducing, and 3D-based face mask/headform spoofing.

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