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Last updated: 2022-05-25 14:44:05

    Leading algorithms

    Tencent Cloud's face comparison algorithms have set records in multiple international contests. It achieved an industry-leading accuracy of 99.80% during LFW, which is recognized internationally as one of the most challenging face image datasets. In business scenarios, with a false accept rate (FAR) of 0.01%, FaceID has a true accept rate (TAR) over 98%.

    High security and reliability

    The combination of liveness detection and Tencent's rich security experience and leading anti-identity attack algorithm capabilities can effectively block attacks with static photo, video reproducing, 3D-based face mask/headform and other means. It helps customers achieve business compliance and mitigate losses arising from identity frauds.

    Excellent user experience

    eKYC can check whether a user's operations are proper in the course of verification and prompt the user to make adjustments via the real-time interaction, thus ensuring excellent user experience and helping improve the user's business conversion.

    Easy integration

    eKYC can be easily integrated via SDK, H5 or API. In addition, a series of identity verification processes including document recognition and face authentication have been connected to offer SaaS-based AI services.

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