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Last updated: 2022-06-09 15:51:34

    Backend FAQs

    What is the limit on concurrent API calls?

    The default QPS is 5 calls/sec. If this does not meet your needs, you can contact us to increase the limit.

    Resource passing FAQs

    See Passing Resources.

    SDK integration FAQs

    What should I do if "Invoke-customs are only supported starting with Android O (--min-api 26)" appears?

    Add the following configuration to the build.gradle file:

    // Java 1.8 is supported
    compileOptions {
    sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
    targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

    What should I do if there is a resource exception caused by the obfuscation tool AndResGuard used by the integrator?

     Add the following obfuscation configuration:
    // for HuiYanSDK

    Errors on devices with an earlier version of system

    // Vector diagrams for earlier versions
    implementation 'androidx.vectordrawable:vectordrawable:1.1.0'
    You need to update the support dependencies to the latest version (v28.0.0):
    implementation 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:28.0.0'
    // A component library compatible with vector diagrams for earlier versions
    implementation 'com.android.support:support-vector-drawable:28.0.0'
    implementation 'com.android.support:animated-vector-drawable:28.0.0'
    Contact Us

    Contact our sales team or business advisors to help your business.

    Technical Support

    Open a ticket if you're looking for further assistance. Our Ticket is 7x24 avaliable.

    7x24 Phone Support