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APIs for iOS

Last updated: 2022-07-28 14:51:30

    The main API classes used in the eKYC SDK for iOS are VerificationKit, VerificationConfig, and VerifiCommDef. Specific APIs in these classes are described as below.


    VerificationKit is a class of external APIs for the eKYC SDK. Main logic operations are completed with this class.

    API Feature Description
    initWithViewController: Initializes the eKYC SDK
    clearInstance Releases resources
    startVerifiWithConfig: Starts the eKYC process


    // Initialization method
    - (void)initWithViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController;


    It is an API for initializing the ​eKYC SDK.

    Input parameters:

    Parameter Type Parameter Name Description
    UIViewController viewController Calls the viewController object of the current SDK page


    /// Clear SDK resources
    + (void)clearInstance;


    It is an API for releasing eKYC SDK resources.


    /// Start eKYC verification
    - (void)startVerifiWithConfig:(VerificationConfig *)verifiConfig


    It is a method for starting the eKYC process.

    Input parameters:

    Parameter Type Parameter Name Description
    VerificationConfig verifiConfig Configuration info for starting this eKYC process
    TXYVerifiKitProcessSucceedBlock succCallback Callback for successful eKYC SDK detection
    TXYVerifiKitProcessSucceedBlock succCallback Callback for failed eKYC SDK detection


    VerificationConfig is the configuration entity class used during the eKYC SDK startup, which mainly covers the following attributes:

    Type Name Description Default Value
    NSString ekycToken The token obtained from the server, which is used as the unique credential for identity verification. Null
    NSString licPath The path of the license file requested for user identity verification Null
    long verAutoTimeOut The timeout period of the authentication 20,000 ms (20s)
    long hyFaceTimeOut The timeout period of a single face authentication operation 10,000 ms (10s)
    BOOL isHiddenAlbum Whether to hide the album button on the OCR interface NO
    BOOL isHiddenFlash Whether to hide the OCR flashlight button NO
    LanguageType languageType Language type of this process DEFAULT (0)

    This API is used to detect the type of the document.

    Enumerated Value Description
    OCR_TYPE_HK Hong Kong (China) - identity card
    OCR_TYPE_ML Malaysia - identity card
    OCR_TYPE_PV_ID Philippines - driver's license
    OCR_TYPE_PDL Philippines - VoteID


    This API provides the language configuration information of the default eKYC interface.

    LanguageType Description
    DEFAULT Auto
    EN English
    ZH_HANS Simplified Chinese
    ZH_HANT Traditional Chinese


    This is callback for successful eKYC SDK detection.

    /// Callback API for successful detection with the SDKKIt
    /// @param errorCode: Error code
    /// @param resultInfo: Information returned by the callback
    /// @param reserved: Reserved
    typedef void (^TXYVerifiKitProcessSucceedBlock)(int errorCode,id _Nonnull resultInfo, id _Nullable reserved);


    This is callback for failed eKYC SDK detection.

    /// Callback API for detection failure with the SDKKIt
    /// @param errorCode: Error code
    /// @param errorMsg: Error message
    /// @param reserved: Reserved
    typedef void (^TXYVerifiKitProcessFailedBlock)(int errorCode, NSString *_Nonnull errorMsg, id _Nullable reserved);

    Error codes and descriptions

    Error Code Value Description
    HY_SUCCESS 0 Detection succeeded
    HY_VERIFI_FAIL -1 Detection failed
    HY_VERIFI_OCR_FAIL -2 Card and certificate recognition failed
    HY_SDK_INNER_ERR -4 Internal error of FaceID eKYC
    HY_INITIALIZATION_PARAMETER_EXCEPTION 310 Initialization parameter exception
    HY_BUNDLE_CONFIGURATION_EXCEPTION 311 Bundle configuration exception
    HY_YTSDK_CONFIGURATION_EXCEPTION 312 YouTu configuration exception
    HY_PLEASE_CALL_FIRST_INIT_API 313 Failed to call the initialization API first
    HY_SDK_AUTH_FAILED 314 SDK authorization failed
    HY_USER_VOLUNTARILY_CANCELED 315 The user manually canceled the detection
    HY_YTSDK_LOCAL_AUTH_FAILED 316 Local face authentication with the SDK failed
    HY_CAMERA_OPEN_FAIL 317 Failed to enable the camera
    HY_DONOT_SWITCH_APPS 318 Do not switch the application during identity verification
    HY_CAMEREA_PERMISSION_EXCEPTION 319 Camera permission exception
    HY_SDK_VEDIO_CUT_EXCEPTION 320 Failed to trim the video
    HY_LIGHT_DATA_FORMAT_EXCEPTION 321 Invalid reflection data format
    HY_GET_REMOTE_DATA_EXCEPTION 322 Error in getting reflection data
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