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Last updated: 2020-08-18 09:38:53

    Consistent Access Experience from Any Network

    GOA replaces VPN and allows you to access enterprise resources from any network worldwide, ensuring a consistent user experience on private and public networks. It supports enterprise cloudification and ensures secure access to enterprise resources anytime and anywhere, enhancing the collaborative experience in the workplace.

    Fast and Reliable Connections

    GOA efficiently solves issues such as packet loss and delay in cross-border or cross-network data transmission by using independently developed technologies, such as intelligent routing, protocol optimization, multiplexing, anti-jitter and more.

    Trusted Authentication for Security Management

    GOA continuously checks the security of devices using authentication methods based on users, identities and applications to restrict access by malicious devices and protect data security.

    Multidimensional Access Control

    GOA performs multidimensional access control based on identity, behavior and status to safeguard sensitive resources and ensure enterprise data security.

    Comprehensive Service Platform Control

    A visualized interface provides you with an overview of your network access information and security statuses at a glance and enables you to easily monitor network quality. This helps you quickly respond to threats and handle risks.

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