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Interactive Live Streaming Solution

Last updated: 2022-06-14 12:41:45


    Interactive Live Streaming is a new one-stop solution for real-time mic connect among multiple users. Powered by the MLVB SDK, CSS, VOD, and IM, it enables one-to-many and many-to-many interaction during live streaming and features multi-video effects and high-quality video.

    • The MLVB SDK offers publishing and playback capabilities on multiple mainstream platforms including Android, iOS, H5 pages, and WeChat Mini Program.
    • Powered by YouTu’s technologies, the MLVB SDK supports facial feature recognition, real-time beauty filters, animated stickers, and other special effects.
    • Connection between anchors and audience members is established over RTMP, allowing low-latency mic connect and interaction.
    • For the billing of the MLVB SDK, please see Purchase Guide.
    • You can use the trial demo to try MLVB features.
    • For more information on the mic connect feature of the MLVB SDK, please see Mic Connect.
    • CSS uses RTMP over QUIC to quickly publish streams to Tencent Cloud, reducing stuttering and latency.
    • CSS supports playback over RTMP, FLV, HLS, and WebRTC, allowing you to deliver smoother and clearer video to audience.
    • For the billing of CSS, please see Pricing Overview.
    • To try out CSS, please see Live Video Broadcasting (LVB).
    • IM offers room management capabilities for mic connect scenarios. It separates live streaming rooms and helps you manage room members and features.
    • It offers interaction-enhancing features such as on-screen comments and text chat.
    • For the billing of IM, please see Pricing.
    • To quickly run the IM demo, please see Demo Quick Start.
    • VOD offers recording and replay features for different application scenarios.
    • For the billing of VOD, please see Billing Overview.
    • To try out VOD, please see Getting Started.


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