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Creating Secrets

Last updated: 2021-09-28 10:14:05


    You can create a secret in the SSM console. After creation, you can manage the secret by enabling, disabling, editing, and scheduling deletion.


    1. Log in to the SSM Console and click Custom Secret on the left sidebar.
    2. In the upper left corner, choose a region and click Create to create a secret.
    3. Enter the configuration in the pop-up Create Credential window and then click Confirm to return to the Credential List. The newly created secret will be at the top of the credential list.

    Field description:

    • Credential Name: its length can be 1-128 bytes, containing letters, digits, hyphens (-), and underscores (_). It must start with a letter or digit.
    • Credential Version: required.
    • Credential Content: required.
    • Description: optional.
    • Tag: optional.
    • Encryption Key:
      • Use the default CMK that SSM has created in KMS.
      • Use a custom encryption key.

    If you are using SSM, you have activated KMS. You can create an encryption key in either of the following ways:

    • Use the default Tencent Cloud managed CMK created in the KMS console as the encryption key, and use the envelope encryption method for encrypted storage.
    • Use a custom key created in the KMS console as the encryption key for encrypted storage.
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