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Managing Sub-Accounts

Last updated: 2020-11-16 14:15:58


    This document shows you how to create a sub-account and grant permissions to it to manage SSM.


    1. Create a sub-account. Log in to the Tencent Cloud CAM console using the root account. In the left sidebar, click Users -> User List. On the User List page, click Create User to create a sub-account.
    2. Create an API key. You can click the name of the sub-account to go to its User Details page. Click API Key -> Create Key to create SecretId and SecretKey. You can use this API key to access SSM.


      If you do not need to manage SSM through APIs, you can authorize the sub-account directly.

    3. Authorize the sub-account. You can add the SSM policy to the newly created sub-account so that it can access SSM. On the User Details page of the sub-account, click Permissions > Associate Policy to go to the Add Policy page.

    4. Add a policy. On the Add Policy page, click Select policies from the policy list, choose the appropriate SSM policy, and click Next > Confirm. In this way, you can grant permissions to the sub-account to access SSM.

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