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Creating an Access Control Policy

Last updated: 2020-11-16 14:16:27

    Authorizable Resource Types

    Resource-level permission refers to the capability to specify resources that an account can perform operations on. Some SSM APIs support operations on secrets using resource-level permissions. This can control when a user can perform operations and whether the user can use specific resources.
    For example, if you allow a user to have access to secrets in the Guangzhou region, the authorizable resource type in CAM is as follows:


    If you authorize an API to access all secrets created by a certain UIN, the resource type is as follows:


    If you authorize an API to access a certain secret, the resource type is as follows:



    • $region: region
    • $uin: root account ID
    • $creatorUin: account ID of the creator of the resource
    • $secretName: name of the secret that requires configuration

    Resource-level Authorization APIs

    The resource paths of the DeleteSecretVersion, UpdateDescription, RestoreSecret, EnableSecret, PutSecretValue, DescribeSecret, UpdateSecret, DeleteSecret, GetSecretValue, DisableSecret, and ListSecretVersionIds APIs are as follows:


    API-level Authorization List

    API Description
    CreateSecret Creates a secret
    GetRegions Obtains the list of available regions to be displayed on the console
    GetServiceStatus Obtains the service status, which can be used to determine whether the service is activated
    ListSecrets Obtains the information list of all secrets
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