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Last updated: 2021-10-14 10:08:20

There are security challenges your account may face, such as improper use of management permission, your password unchanged for a long time, and key information in plaintext, leading to a loss of digital assets. Given these risks, database credentials will be periodically rotated to create strong passwords and manage sensitive configuration information, securing your data while reducing security risks and threats to your account.

Key Features

  • SSM allows the application and distribution of database accounts on the console.
  • Combing with Tencent Cloud KMS, SSM can secure your sensitive information by encryption.
  • SSM can automatically create a strong password for periodic rotation.
  • SSM enables you to set a period of time that automatic rotation repeats.

Product Architecture

Process Description

  1. Create a database instance and set its account and password as an admin.
  2. Create a database credential object on SSM as an admin.
    • Grant SSM permissions to access MySQL management services.
    • Set the database credential’s username prefix.
    • Configure the automatic rotation policy.
  3. When the application system needs to access the database, it can request access to the credential via the GetSecretValue API. For details, see GetSecretValue.
  4. The application system parses the plaintext credential based on the content returned by the API, and obtains its account and password, thereby accessing the target database.

Usage Limits

Automatic rotation is only available on TencentDB for MySQL and TDSQL for MySQL.

Usage Guide

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