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Last updated: 2021-01-15 16:25:43

    How do I use the hash algorithm of TencentDB for Tendis Cluster Edition?

    The hash algorithm of the Tendis Cluster Edition is the same as that in the Redis Cluster Community Edition, i.e., HASH_SLOT = CRC16(key) mod 16384. For more information, please see Redis Cluster Specification.

    Can TencentDB for Tendis be managed with visual tools?

    TencentDB for Tendis supports the data management console (DMC) for visual management.

    Will my business be interrupted during instance scaling?

    TencentDB for Tendis Storage Edition and Hybrid Storage Edition support expansion without storage capacity loss. Disk capacity expansion takes less than 1 minute if the resources are sufficient, while capacity reduction needs data migration and causes a short disconnection.

    Does TencentDB for Tendis support Lua?

    • Storage Edition: Lua is currently not supported but will be supported in the future.
    • Hybrid Storage Edition: Lua is supported. However, like Redis Cluster, Tendis Hybrid Storage Edition does not support multi-key operations across slots when Lua is enabled.

    Does TencentDB for Tendis support subscribing to the cache invalidation event?


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