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Last updated: 2021-01-15 16:17:29

    Cost Effectiveness and Ease of Use

    Flexible billing

    The pay-as-you-go billing mode is available, so you don't have to invest a lump sum of money in infrastructure construction.

    Elastic scaling

    An instance can be scaled quickly in the console without having to stop the services, and no operations are required from you.

    Ultra-high Performance

    The standard architecture has a performance of up to 100,000+ QPS, and the cluster architecture supports tens of millions of QPS. Their ultra-high performance can perfectly meet the needs in most business scenarios ranging from gaming, mobile apps to advertising and ecommerce.

    High Availability

    TencentDB for Tendis adopts a primary/secondary hot backup architecture. In case of failures of the primary, the access can be switched to the secondary in a matter of seconds. The switchover process does not affect the online business nor does it require any operations from you, reducing the labor and time costs of developing a primary/secondary architecture.

    High Reliability

    Data is stored online in a primary/secondary architecture, ensuring high data security. Moreover, backup data can be stored for an extended time period, allowing for data recovery in case of a database disaster.

    Low Costs

    Unlike Redis using memory as a storage medium, TencentDB for Tendis keeps data on the disk; therefore, it can greatly reduce the storage costs. In addition, it also provides a hybrid storage edition, where cold data is automatically transitioned and cached to achieve a better balance between cost and performance.

    Large Capacity

    TencentDB for Tendis stores data on cloud disks. Therefore, it can provide a storage capacity of up to 32 TB in the standard architecture. Its storage capacity in the cluster architecture can be expanded horizontally to offer a theoretically unlimited capacity.

    Rich Monitoring Capabilities

    TencentDB for Tendis provides over 30 professional monitoring metrics and customizable alarms for clear insights into the database data, such as the inbound/outbound traffic metric, helping you identify risks before they appear and troubleshoot problems quickly.

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