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Command Compatibility

Last updated: 2021-03-19 18:30:01

    Command Compatibility of Different Editions

    In the following table, ✓ indicates "supported", x indicates "unsupported", and - indicates that cross-slot access is not applicable to the command.
    For custom command descriptions, please see Hybrid Storage Edition > Custom commands.

    Command Group Command Storage Edition Hybrid Storage Edition Cross-slot Support in Cluster Architecture
    connection group auth -
    connection group echo -
    connection group ping Custom Custom -
    connection group quit -
    connection group select -
    connection group swapdb x -
    hash group hdel -
    hash group hexists -
    hash group hget -
    hash group hgetall -
    hash group hincrby -
    hash group hincrbyfloat -
    hash group hkeys -
    hash group hlen -
    hash group hmget -
    hash group hmset -
    hash group hset -
    hash group hsetnx -
    hash group hstrlen -
    hash group hvals -
    hash group hscan x x x
    keys group del
    keys group scan x x x
    keys group exists x
    keys group expire -
    keys group expireat -
    keys group keys Custom Custom -
    keys group type -
    keys group move -
    keys group ttl -
    keys group persist -
    keys group pexpire -
    keys group pexpireat -
    keys group pttl -
    keys group randomkey x -
    keys group rename x
    keys group renamenx x
    keys group sort -
    keys group touch x -
    keys group restore -
    keys group object x x -
    keys group unlink x
    keys group wait x x -
    keys group migrate x x -
    keys group dump -
    list group lindex -
    list group linsert -
    list group llen -
    list group lpop -
    list group lpush -
    list group lpushx -
    list group lrange -
    list group lrem -
    list group lset -
    list group ltrim -
    list group rpop -
    list group rpoplpush x
    list group rpush -
    list group rpushx -
    list group blpop x x
    list group brpop x x
    list group brpoplpush x x
    pub/sub group psubscribe -
    pub/sub group pubsub -
    pub/sub group publish -
    pub/sub group punsubscribe -
    pub/sub group subscribe -
    pub/sub group unsubscribe -
    sets group sadd -
    sets group scard -
    sets group sdiff x
    sets group sdiffstore x
    sets group sinter x
    sets group sinterstore x
    sets group sismember -
    sets group smembers -
    sets group smove x
    sets group spop -
    sets group srandmember -
    sets group srem -
    sets group sscan -
    sets group sunion x
    sets group sunionstore x
    sorted sets group zadd -
    sorted sets group zcard -
    sorted sets group zcount -
    sorted sets group zincrby -
    sorted sets group zinterstore x
    sorted sets group zlexcount -
    sorted sets group zrange -
    sorted sets group zrangebylex -
    sorted sets group zrangebyscore -
    sorted sets group zrank -
    sorted sets group zrem -
    sorted sets group zremrangebylex -
    sorted sets group zremrangebyrank -
    sorted sets group zremrangebyscore -
    sorted sets group zrevrange -
    sorted sets group zrevrangebylex -
    sorted sets group zrevrangebyscore -
    sorted sets group zscore -
    sorted sets group zrevrank -
    sorted sets group zscan -
    sorted sets group zunionstore x
    sorted sets group zpopmax x x -
    sorted sets group zpopmin x x -
    sorted sets group bzpopmax x x -
    sorted sets group bzpopmin x x -
    strings group append -
    strings group bitcount -
    strings group bitop x
    strings group bitpos -
    strings group decr -
    strings group decrby -
    strings group get -
    strings group getbit -
    strings group getrange -
    strings group getset -
    strings group incr -
    strings group incrby -
    strings group incrbyfloat -
    strings group mget
    strings group mset
    strings group msetnx x
    strings group psetex -
    strings group setex -
    strings group set -
    strings group setbit -
    strings group setnx -
    strings group setrange -
    strings group strlen -
    strings group bitfield -
    transactions group discard -
    transactions group exec -
    transactions group multi -
    transactions group unwatch -
    transactions group watch -
    hyperloglog group pfadd -
    hyperloglog group pfcount x
    hyperloglog group pfmerge x
    scripting group eval x
    scripting group evalsha x
    scripting group script debug -
    scripting group script exists x
    scripting group script flush -
    scripting group script load -
    scripting group script kill -
    geo group geoadd x -
    geo group geohash x -
    geo group geopos x -
    geo group geodist x -
    geo group georadius x -
    geo group georadiusbymember x -
    server group bgrewriteaof x x -
    server group bgsave x x -
    server group client kill x x -
    server group sync x x -
    server group psync x x -
    server group client list -
    server group client getname x x -
    server group client pause x x -
    server group client reply x x -
    server group client setname x x -
    server group command count x x -
    server group command getkeys x x -
    server group command info x x -
    server group slaveof x x -
    server group config rewrite x x -
    server group config set x x -
    server group config resetstat x x -
    server group debug object x x -
    server group debug segfault x x -
    server group role x x -
    server group save x x -
    server group lastsave x x -
    server group shutdown x x -
    server group MEMORY x Custom -
    server group command -
    server group dbsize -
    server group info Custom Custom -
    server group time -
    server group client list -
    server group config get -
    server group monitor Custom Custom -
    server group flushdb Custom Custom -
    server group flushall -
    server group slowlog Custom Custom -
    server group cluster keyslot -
    server group cluster nodes -
    server group cluster getkeysinslot -
    server group cluster (others) x x -
    server group module x x -
    server group lolwut x x -
    Stream group xinfo x x -
    Stream group xadd x x -
    Stream group xtrim x x -
    Stream group xdel x x -
    Stream group xrange x x -
    Stream group xrevrange x x -
    Stream group xlen x x -
    Stream group xread x x x
    Stream group xgroup x x -
    Stream group xreadgroup x x x
    Stream group xack x x -
    Stream group xlclaim x x -
    Stream group xpending x x -
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